Air nozzles consumer around one third of compressed air compared with other air blow devices. Their use for air blowing, cleaning, cooling, drying and air curtain can save your money!

Advantages of using air knives in industry:

  • Thanks to their optimized shape they ensure a narrow outlet airflow of great force and speed (knife edge)
  • Perfect way of decreasing air consumption when continuous airflow is needed
  • Airflow volume amplifier – significant amplification of outlet flow
  • Simple airflow regulation: regulation of the aperture width
  • Low operation noise level
  • Low operation costs, no movable parts – maintenance-free operation
  • You can choose its length, unlimited possibilities of assembly (modular system)
  • Available in different materials and with different surfaces
  • Simple assembly with possibility of adjusting the knife position
  • Possibility of adding a device eliminating static electricity or measuring air volume
  • Wide range of accessories such as holders and pneumatic accessories