About us

MOS has been on the market since 2011 capitalizing on rich experience of its employees, particularly from the sphere of single-purpose machines and compressed air systems.

Our company focuses on meeting the demands of customers from technology and automation sectors. We offer turnkey deliveries of subsystems, which include the following:

  • Expert assessment of requirements and current technology at customer’s site
  • Drafting projects for repairing, refurbishment, redesign, adjustment and automation
  • Presenting a price quote
  • Detail specification of automation components following your requirements with an optimum price/quality ratio
  • Deliveries of all components including their assembly and commissioning
  • Preparing and submitting technical documentation
  • Assessing the solution applied, taking advantage of our hands-on experience for further improvement
  • Operation service and maintenance

When addressing your specific requirements we draw on our profound knowledge of the market with pneumatic elements and other automation components including close relationships with their significant suppliers. Thanks to that we can accommodate your priorities by choosing the optimum options with ideal parameters, in particular: quality, performance, lifetime, price, terms, service...

Our employees’ and collaborators’ expertise reflects positively in work for our company and for our customers. We provide our customers with highly professional work in all industries.