With ongoing industrial automation and the arrival of Industry 4.0 CCTV cameras and sensors are used in almost every industry now. This includes environments that are not exactly favourable for cameras and sensors.

For this reason we develop different types of protective casings and air screens that will reliably protect your sensitive sensors.

We protect cameras against dirt, humidity, smoke and emulsion. We ensure camera vision in complicated conditions, e.g. in CNC machining centre.



Camera housing with air screen

In cooperation with experts in machine vision systems from ATEsystem s.r.o. we developed a standardised line of camera housings.

Key features:

  • Possibility to use cameras under unfavourable and/or dirty conditions
  • Designed for Basler ace line of cameras and their equivalents in terms of dimensions
  • Protection against dust and dirt, humidity, water and emulsions
  • Robust design – made of aluminium
  • Air screen significantly increases cleaning periods, thus decreasing costs and time needed for maintenance


Product variants:



A simple mechanic casing – a basic version without air screen   


Camera protection for less demanding application.                           

  • Contains a basic pneumatic screen for removing impurities from the glass shield covering the lens
  • In case of interrupted use it is suitable for removing dry dust
  • In case of permanent use it is also efficient against humid dust, oily smoke, etc.,


Camera protection for medium demanding application.                        

  • The camera housing with an integrated active air blow – airflow in the form of a cone is directed outside from the glass shield of the lens and prevents it from dirt
  • Can be used against gently sparkling liquid and bigger-sized dirt


Intended for the most demanding applications.                                      

  • Camera housing with an integrated multi-level active air blow
  • Contains a combination of a cone nozzle, transvector air blow and flat air pre-screen
  • Protection against splashing liquid
  • Suitable for CNC machines

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Tailor-made products – camera and sensor protection

In addition to standardized casings we design and deliver covers and screens tailor-made to your specific application. In case of particular requirements do not hesitate to contact us.