Rotary nozzles employ rotary dynamics for creating a strong impact wave. Its powerful effect is intended primarily for contactless cleaning of shape and structured products such as injected plastic pressed parts, plastic and chipboard desks for brushing, filter materials, dashboards, desks with printed connections, vacuum-shaped pressed parts and many others …

Small rotary nozzles

Small nozzles offer the possibility to reach with a dynamic impact even hard-to-access places…



Rotary impact nozzle - PATA GUN

The rotary nozzle creates an impact wave of pressure air. When compressed air is coming through the nozzle, the soft polyurethane nozzle starts rotating together with the internal rotary tube. Compressed air is coming out of the rotating tube making an impact wave with a strong dynamic effect. It can be used either autonomously or mounted to a manual pneumatic gun…



Rotary air knife

An air knife derived from the VNP type attached to a rotary system. It combines the amplifying effect of the air knife with dynamic effect of an impact wave.