MOS air knives and nozzles are also available for removal of static electricity.

The air knife with an antistatic bar combines the effect of amplifying airflow and ionization for creating an air screen of high-speed. This joint effect can be employed for neutralizing static electricity and dust removal, e.g. for surface treatment, printing, packaging and in plastics and textile industry.


Other possible application:

  • Manufacture of devices for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • Plastics manufacturing and processing
  • Paper manufacturing and processing
  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly
  • Packaging industry and packaging machines
  • Optics industry
  • Nano technologies


Ionization bars, ionizers

We offer different types of ionization elements. Delivery sets with our air knife include primarily ionization bars of various length and performance (depending on the static electricity level and on the speed of product movement, etc.). This way we can accommodate a wide range of applications.

We offer standards bars, high performance bars, bars with integrated high voltage source and 24 V DC power supply as well as simple ionization pins.


Ionization nozzles and guns

In addition to air knives, ionization pins can also be connected to special-purpose MOS air nozzles and/or with pneumatic guns. This way you will get an efficient way of removing static electricity on your products with long reach, simple assembly and easy manual handling.


This category also includes a special transvector gun with ionization pin type AG-02-VOSP. Combination of ionization pin and transvector gun provides high efficiency of static charge removal even of larger areas with low consumption of compressed air. The gun is ergonomic and robust. It uses the transvector principle - sucking a large quantity of ambient air - saving function of colume amplification affect. It has a large selection of nozzles for a variety of applications.


Another special anitstatic pistol is a version with a flat nozzle and a short ionization rod with a length of 50 mm. The pistol is ergonomic and robust. The main advantage of this type is the very low noise level. The flat nozzle type DJPN creates a thin, high velocity airflow, while utilizing the effect of a volumetric amplification of the airflow by retracting from the surroundings. It also extracts ions from the ionisation rod and transports them very effectively to the places where you need them.


Ionizing fans

Ionization fans allow highly efficient neutralization of static electricity over long distances and large areas.


Power supplies

Ionization bars and pins need to be fitted with power supplies of high voltage. Such sources have various number of connectors of ionization bars (1, 2, 4) with different length capacity. They can be connected to PLC providing feedback signal on the correct function of the ionization device. Sources are connected with bars using high voltage cables with length of your choice that are easy to connect.


Ex version of ionizing bars

Are you dealing with static electricity problems in potentially explosive atmospheres? Even in this case we can offer you a solution ...


Device for measuring of static electricity and for control of ionization

FMX-003 is compact device for detection and measuring of electrostatic charge. Its size enables easy use and easy control with 4 buttons.




For more information concerning suitable ionization components to be used with MOS air knives and nozzles please contact us.