Basic nozzles

Nozzles for simple air blow application. Circular nozzles, extended nozzles, safety nozzles, rubber nozzles…



Venturi, Laval and Coanda nozzles

Nozzles for various industrial applications with “added value” in the form of energy saving operation, low noise level, etc.

CT Series

  • Airflow from nozzles does not come out from the top of the cone, but from the circular interspace between the cylindrical and conical part of the nozzle. The nozzle employ the Coanda effect: the air coming out from the annulus flows around the nozzle cone, pulling the air around, making a concentrated airflow. This leads to a great volume amplification of the airflow, thanks to which makes the nozzle very energy efficient with respect to its performance
  • This design makes the nozzle absolutely safe. At the same time, this type of flowing is much quieter than in standard nozzles
  • An adjustable version of the nozzle is available with the option to regulate smoothly its performance
  • These energy efficient nozzles are used when large amounts of flowing air (with minimum consumption of compressed air) are needed while maintaining low noise level such as cleaning, cooling, drying, discharging


LT Series

  • Small and micro nozzles (1/8“ and M5 connection) designed specifically for application with spatial restriction
  • The nozzle has an opening in the middle with grooves around. This creates a concentrated airflow while maintaining very low noise level and minimizing consumption of compressed air
  • The nozzles are used for cleaning, cooling and drying. Thanks to small dimensions they can be installed in almost any machine


VT Series

  • These nozzles are energy efficient due to lateral air inlets with approx. 1:4 amplification. Only 25% of air is needed for achieving the same air blow performance. Suitable particularly for blowing away dust and water
  • Suitable for application with manual pneumatic guns for workplace cleaning, air cleaning manufacturing machines/devices, etc.



Transvector nozzles

Nozzles with huge volume amplification of airflow. One end of the nozzle creates a strong airflow, the other end creating vacuum by sucking air from the environment – the nozzles are suitable for air blowing as well as for vacuuming application.


Flat nozzles – air knives

Small air knives developed as an effective substitute for standard multichannel plastic nozzles. The nozzles have all the advantages of air knives while operating with smaller energy consumption and at a lower noise level.



RRT – rotary impact nozzles

Rotary nozzles creating impact of pressurized air. Coming through the nozzle, compressed air rotates a soft polyurethane tube together with its internal rotary cone. Compressed air comes out of the rotating tube creating an impact wave with a powerful dynamic effect.