Basic pneumatic guns

A gun for rather simple air blowing application. Plastic guns, metal guns with M12x1.25 or 1/4" threads.



Adjustable pneumatic guns

Adjustable guns with flow rate regulation, possibility of fine dosing.




High-performance pneumatic guns

A gun with a high flow rate intended for high-performance amplifying nozzles. High air blow performance with very good regulation of dosing. Designed for demanding air blow application.



Wonder gun - blow/suction/convey guns

A general-purpose gun intended for air blowing as well as for vacuuming application. The gun allows for air blowing with high performance and great volume amplification of airflow on the transvector principle. By simply turning the regulation nozzle the function of the nozzle can be changed to vacuuming. This way it is possible to collect dirt in a collecting bag that is included in the delivered set together with other attachments.

The guns may also be used for conveying fluids, shavings, splinters and other solids.


more about the VOSP Series


Antistatic guns

Pneumatic guns fitted with a ionization pin. In combination with high-voltage source they allow for very simple removal of static electricity from the surface of your products and devices. A flow of compressed air delivers positive and negative ions exactly where you need them.




Pulse pneumatic guns

Pneumatic guns with an integrated oscillation valve and possibility of setting the pulse frequency. Dynamic impact created by pulsation of a flow of compressed air is very efficient for many applications where a pneumatic gun is insufficient. Furthermore, thanks to interrupting the airflow it saves large amounts of compressed air.