Care of compressed air systems is also linked with an overview of the amounts of air that your operation consumes. It is advisable to measure any losses caused by compressed air leakage, the amount of air consumed, etc.

We are here to offer you comprehensive services in the sphere of measuring.


Flow sensors and measuring systems

We can design, deliver, install and put in operation tailor-made measuring systems suited to your requirements: continuous as well as one-time measurements, consumption of the entire operation or separate lines only.


Consumption measuring provided as a service

In case you do not want to buy the flow measuring device, we can offer you our measuring services: we install our device in your operation, process the measured data and present you with a measurement record.

We conduct measuring using primarily sensors working on the principle of calorimetric measurements when sensors detect heat generated by the flow of the monitored agent and converted to a measurement signal that is subsequently processed digitally. Modern measurement technology ensures very accurate results.

For more information concerning our measuring of compressed air please contact us.


S-air: a device for compressed air consumption measuring

Do you want to have compressed air consumption at your technological nods under control? We have developed for you S-AIR – a versatile and comprehensive measuring device for easy flow measuring and data collection!


  • Measuring air consumption on machines, lines, air blowing, etc.
  • Detecting the amount of compressed air leakage
  • Measuring consumption of compressed air, N2, CO2, O2 and other gases


data sheet S-AIR download