We deliver air blow devices to many different industries. Since food, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries are no exceptions, we also need to care about the quality of compressed air.

Standard treatment of compressed air

Our assortment includes complete sets for standard treatment of compressed air from reduction valves to filters, filter regulators and grease boxes.



Special and antibacterial maeda filters 

Filters from the Japanese manufacturer MAEDA are designed for applications with special requirements concerning the quality of compressed air. Air compressed to 0.01 µm, free of condensate any oil residues and, if needed, also bacteria.

  • Filtration of solid particles: 0,01 μm
  • Residual water: zero
  • Filtration of oil fog: 99.99%
  • Prevention of short interruptions and problems caused by contaminated compressed air
  • Delivers very clean and dry compressed air
  • No need for other “pre-filters” and the like
  • Filtration through three filtration elements ensures reliability and safety in industrial applications such as varnishing, CNC machines, testing devices, 3D measuring devices, tightness testers, electronics, pharmaceutics…
  • Meets the requirements of HACCP and ISO-8573-1 standards

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Cyclonic separator - eSeparator

eSeparator is a high-end “filter-separator” with a dual cyclone that can separate water, oil and particles of different sizes, but unlike traditional separators it does not need an additional filter.

A great advantage of the cyclonic separator is that it does not need traditional filter cartridges. That means its operation is almost maintenance-free and very economical.

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